20,000 Places... - LAAC


15 November 2014 - 8 March 2015

Journey through the collections of Societe Generale and of the LAAC

Designed as a dialogue between the works of Societe Generale collection and those of the LAAC, the 20,000 Places... exhibition explores the themes of "the sea" and "journeys". The numerous urban photographs presented by the Société Générale each constitute a stopover on a journey into the heart of the modern world as revealed by the artists.  These photographs are lent all the more meaning by their exhibition in the port city of Dunkirk.

The contemplation of the sea is the point of departure for this briny artistic journey: from the northern and southern shores to the high seas, the sea's light and incessant changes… The second part of the exhibition takes us on a tour of the world's cities, exploring vast architectural groupings, sites of abandonment and neglect, reflecting a world in perpetual evolution. Finally, the artists reveal to us their unique visions of the world. Each oeuvre thereby allows for the veritable journey, an interior exploration of the imagination.

Exhibition curator: Victor Vanoosten

To complement your exhibition tour:
visitor's guidebook (French, English, Dutch)
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