Disabled visitors and those accompanying them, as well as socially precarious or vulnerable persons benefit from free admission to the museums. In addition, all activities, workshops and guided tours organized for visitors with special needs are free for groups from the Dunkirk Urban Community. Visitors with special needs from outside the Dunkirk territory benefit from a 50% reduction.

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CONTACT : Juliette Nardella – juliette.nardella@ville-dunkerque.fr - 0033 (0)3 28 66 99 46

Persons with hearing impairments

We regularly organize guided tours in French sign language (LSF), for both our permanent and temporary exhibitions.

We also offer an induction loop (for the hearing impaired), in either our forum area or our auditorium (depending on the event).

Persons with reduced mobility

The LAAC is equipped with both a wheelchair ramp and a lift. 
Corridors are wide and wheelchair-friendly.
The reception area has been redesigned to comfortably welcome persons in wheelchairs.
The WCs are equipped with disabled-friendly toilets.
PRM spaces are set aside in both the car park and the auditorium.
We also make freely available to visitors: chairs, a wheelchair and a walker. 
Also, the sculpture garden bordering the LAAC is largely accessible to wheelchairs.

Vision-impaired persons 

For guided tours, we also make available tactile images and reproductions.
Information sheets in braille are available.

The lift is equipped with a floor-announcing voice.

Persons with intellectual disabilities 

We offer ‘easy-to-read’ descriptions (in French) of our museums’ must-see works.
We also offer mediation tools suited to intellectually-disabled visitors, with easy-to-understand instructions.